Elizabeth Place hosted their first Interactive Bridal Expo on Wednesday, 21 March 2012.


The Interactive Bridal Show is an opportunity for a group of service providers (who cover all the aspects of a wedding) to show the public exactly what their service entails and what value they can add to any wedding.

Each service provider had an exhibition area as well as a time slot in the course of the day to have a practical demonstration / presentation.

Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-6   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-7   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-8  
Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-9   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-10   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-11  
Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-13   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-15   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-14  
Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-16   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-23   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-27  
Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-24   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-28   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-48  
Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-50   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-26   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-31  
Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-4   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-22   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-23  
Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-17   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-20   Bridal-expo-2012-elizabeth-place-21  


Elizabeth Place painted a classroom for ZAMA - an organization based in New Brighton


Zama works in New Brighton, with the most disadvantaged children - at present we have around 250 children attending our programmes each week.   These programmes are designed not only to teach skills such as english, maths, visual arts and performing arts but to broaden the childrens horizons so they begin to realise that life is full of possibilities....that dreams can come true whatever background they are from.  We see an incredible impact as children discover that they love learning and that learning can be fun.  When their confidence builds in one class they are then very quick to want to do more.  After a short time, we then see a positive changes on their school report as they realise that they can learn and enjoy learning.




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